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Minimum TDS Level for Drinking Water (Total Dissolved Solids)


Minimum TDS Level for Drinking Water (Total Dissolved Solids)


What is TDS in water?

The fresh and potable drinking water is derived by eliminating many harmful chemicals and this process contains a lot of purifying steps due to which the natural minerals in water are suspended. To avoid contaminants, hazardous chemicals, and salts. It is essential to improve the filtration system for drinking water. So, the necessary and natural minerals and salts remain the same after the filtration. The major inorganic substances or contaminants in the water are Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) that present after the purification process. Best TDS for drinking water in India.


Ann’s average size of total Dissolved Solids is greater than 2 microns. A better purifier generally removes particles whose size is 0.45 microns. Drinking water with a large amount of High TDS water is harmful to drinking and leads to many dangerous health problems though it tastes the same as normal water.

According to research, more than 1000mg/L TDS level is not suitable for drinking and leads to many health effects. The salts such as potassium, sodium, chlorides enlarge the TDS level in the water. That’s why it is necessary to measure the level of total dissolved solids in the drinking water for well-being.


Acceptable Range of TDS

An ideal recommended range of TDS according to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) states that 500 milligram per liter (mg/L) is fairly acceptable. Whereas, more than 500ppm is less suitable for drinking. The contaminant’s dissolved solids can be measured with an instrument called dissolved solid tester or TDS meter.


According to a survey it’s proven that KENT water purifier gives healthy and quality tested drinking water. KENT is a well-known trusted Best water purifiers in India brand that wins many hearts. On the other hand, if we are talking about the safety measures it comes with a TDS meter so you can measure the total dissolved solids ranges anytime and drink every sip without any hazardous chemicals.


TDS level chart




  TDS Level in parts per million(ppm) Remarks



Excellent for drinking











  More than 1200

Avoid consuming



Are there any disadvantages of low TDS water?

According to many government agencies TDS present in water isn’t a proportion of any single contaminant. The color and tastes vary due to the large dissolved solids present in the water that’s why an appropriate and secure level under 500 milligrams per liter (mg/L) is given by the Environmental Protection Agency in the US. 


Which is the Best purifier?


In this scenario, we examined how TDS level affects the health factors and taste of the water. That’s why TDS is the most important factor for the water purifier. Your water purifier recommendation is based upon the security level or an ideal range of TDS. However, levels of TDS allot you different purifiers like RO vs UV vs UF water purifiers. Make your choice easier with the help of a given table so you can determine your choice easily.




  TDS Level Required Purifiers



UV Water Purifier



RO+UV water purifier








This post is completely explained how the TDS level of water is the most important factor of water purifiers. A water purifier with an inbuilt TDS level helps you to find out an ideal range in everyday life because we all know how healthy and clean water is beneficial for our health.

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