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Top 6 best ceiling fans in India 2021

Top 6 Best Ceiling Fans in India 2021

We all know that ceiling fans have been important for our home for many years. The ceiling fan is the most common appliance that is present in almost every home. The Indian climate is moderate so ceiling fan availability is mandatory whether it is summer, spring, autumn, or winter. The ceiling fan enhances the interior look and design of the room.

Nowadays, ceiling fan comes with many exciting and advanced features like- remote control ceiling fans, ceiling fans with LED light and Chandelier style fans.

Due to many varieties of ceiling fans and features, Sometimes a person gets confused in making the right decision? But with the help of Home Appliances near me, you can absolutely make your own choice after determining all the specifications, features as well as advantages and disadvantages of each and every ceiling fan. So you don’t need to go anywhere else.

Top 6 best ceiling fans in India 2021


Stomberg Efficio 120mm BLDC Motor with Remote 3-Blade Ceiling Fan


The ceiling fan is capable of adapting to any temperature and the best thing about this fan is that you can control the speed according to your comfort. Stromberg provides you efficiency to save electricity bills. It comes with a remote control that includes exciting features such as sleep mode, boost mode, and timer mode. This fan works on Brushless Direct Current technology that gives 28W boost speed.


1.    It comes with an Energy-efficient BLDC motor. 

2.    It has an inverter Stabilisation technology also.

3.    It is ideal for any type of room size including living room, bedroom, etc.

4.    This fan comes with a 3 year of warranty.




 Lightest fan

Cheap remote quality

 Lightest fan

Noiseless motor

Crompton Metal Uranus 48-inch Ceiling Fan with decorative lights

If you plan to buy a ceiling fan that enhances your home’s interior by its elegant look and provides you the best air experience, you should bring a Crompton metal Uranus. Crompton is the most promising manufacturing brand in India that provides innovative fans for your home with the best features and quality. This ceiling fan comes with Chandelier lights that make you fall in love. Moreover, its four blades give you better air coverage in the whole area.


1.    It has four powerful blades with removable royal decorative light.

2.    This fan runs a 100% copper motor with double ball bearings. 

3.    It can be ideal for your drawing room as it enhances the beauty of the home. 

4.    The dynamically blades come with a sweep size of 1200mm. 

5.    It comes with a 2-year warranty.




Attractive design with lights

Not comes with remote

Aesthetic look

 Powerful motor

Luminous Dhoom 1200mm 70W High-Speed Ceiling Fan

Luminous is the most trustworthy and well-known manufacturing brand in India and well known for their quality and power efficiency. Luminous Dhoom ceiling fan comes with a steady design and high-speed rotating blades that offer you a windy experience all day and night. It offers you better performance and quality for your home and office. Luminous offers you a non-corrosive and linear motor that ensures durability.


1.    It consumes less power than many brands in its pricing range.

2.    The non-corrosive aluminum motor and copper blades enhance their lifespan. 

3.    The 48-inches wide blades offer more air thrust and high cooling.

4.    This ceiling fan comes with a 2 year warranty.



Powerful motor

Little noisy

Excellent rotational speed

High-quality performance

Orient Electric Apex FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Orient is the brand that ensures quality, function, durability, and design. Orient electric effects come with exciting and mind-blowing features. The best thing is that it works silently. So, you can focus on your work whether you are present in-home or office as well as it is energy efficient. So there is no need to pay heavy bills.


1.    It consumes around 78W power and delivers fantastic cooling at a lower input voltage.

2.    The aesthetic design and innovative colors will match with your exclusively done interior décor. 

3.    This fan is ideal for large rooms because of its uniform air delivery. 

4.    The double ball bearing enhances the lifespan of the motor.



Noiseless operation.

Not comes with remote

 Light fan with high rotating speed.

 Elegant look.

Crompton Hill Briz 48-inch Ceiling Fan

Crompton comes with tremendous air experience and excellent performance and complements the look of your home. Its 48-inch blades transfer the windy experience in the whole area. Its powder-coated blades and aluminum build body make it corrosion-free and lightweight that’s why it offers heavy air. This ceiling fan is not noisy so you can focus on your work.


1.    This is the lightest appliance and offers the highest corrosion resistance. 

2.    It comes with a 100% copper winding. 

3.    It is easy to install as compared to some other Crompton fans.

4.    The powder-coated blades do not rust and are easy to clean.

5.    It comes with a 2-year warranty.




Budget-friendly appliance.

Fan gets hot after extensive usage.

Excellent performance

Ideal sweep area.

Havells Leganza 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Havells is the most popular Indian home appliance manufacturing brand that wins many hearts. Havells Leganza is the most sophisticated and stylish ceiling fan from Havells that offers a marvelous look along with outstanding quality and performance. Its metallic finish plating makes it attractive. 48 inch long blades provide you amazing air experience whether you are working in-home or in the office.


1.    The HPLV motor saves power as it works even at low voltage.

2.    This fan is an ideal fan for rooms having dimensions between 65 and 100 square feet.

3.    Thus it is meant for home and office use.

4.    The minimum buffeting offers greater comfort for those sitting directly below the fan.

5.    This fan comes with a 2 year warranty.




Excellent color combo.

  Installation takes time

Fabulous look.

High air circulation.


Is a ceiling fan better than a floor fan?

The major difference between a ceiling fan and a stand fan is that stand fans are easier to install and portable on the other hand ceiling fans offer advanced features and provide extraordinary comfort but require large expenses and installation.

Are 3 or 4 blade ceiling fans better?

4-blade ceiling fans are less noisy and can circulate cool air around with an AC. Also, they look more stylish as compared to 3 less expensive blade fans.

Are ceiling fans worth the money?

Using a ceiling fan rather than an AC could still be worth it. On average, ceiling fans can save up to four to eight percent on cooling costs as combined with an AC.



The ceiling fan is the most basic and necessary appliance that must be present in every home. I hope this post will help you because it includes useful information about ceiling fans.

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